The Star of the Team is THE TEAM
Let me tell you story of @aqmed02
aqmed came to Native Media to help his sister with Make up and took some liking to Camera works. As luck will have it, he was asked to leave the set where he was assisting his sister, so he met with @otunbasamuel and we asked him to just follow the camera around. Today, he does not just follow the camera but he knows the camera and the Cameras know him, he guards his equipment like a jealous lover and very eager to learn new tricks. He did this successfully on Makeroom, Mr. X Small Chops, Lara and the beat, Childe International, Zero Hour and now our french series. @biolaalabi @mofedamijoand @serahdonald can testify to how hardworking this young man is. Aqmed is a graduate of Computer Science but his love for film and Television has made him start from the lowest part of film making. I love passionate people and thats why Aqmed and i are presently talking about his film school dreams in America. We will make it happen next year and Yes @rogersofimeWILL BE RESPONSIBLE.

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