The Star of the Team is THE TEAM
We have worked together for 11 years and still counting, all the successes, awards and accolades go to this graduate of Theatre and Film from Delta state university. He has taken more insults from me than any one else, he has received less praise from me, he has gotten into more trouble with me than any one else, he gets blamed for every thing that goes wrong, he has saved situations with his time, money and life. This is one man who knows Rogers Ofime very very well, he knows what i can say when am angry, he knows my reaction and what my answer would be when am faced with a situation. He is my Brother who decided to come from another mother.
@ricossai is a very patient guy, he is generous with his time, attention, money and all. Eric will always tell me “Chairman, you know i can die for you” Yes, i believe him because for 9 years, they have killed him many times because of Rogers Ofime and for 9 years , he always resurrects and fights again on my behalf. I believe him because he has proven it, he has taken several fall for me, he has taken bullets for me. He has defended all my actions and scolded me when no one is watching or listening. I love you Brother and you know i will die for you also
My right hand man on Tinsel, my pillar on The Johnsons, my rock on Makeroom, my solid ground in Childe International, my back bone on zone 222, my driver on the french Series, My voice of reasoning and my small still voice in the film and Television industry. He is Native Media.

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