The Star of the Team is THE TEAM
Today i want to talk about another dear young colleague.
In 2014, @wealth_films came to work with us during African Magic original films project. He came on board as a production assistant, helping to just move things around and run errands for every one. When we filmed Makeroom in Jos, we employed the services of a focus puller from America ( a very delicate job) It was just a 4 week shoot and wealth trained while assisting the focus puller. After Makeroom, wealth Learnt for another 4 weeks working as a focus assistant in @biolaalabi Lara and Beat, Oh Boy he sure had a passion and a focus
Today, wealth is a FOCUS PULLER, he was a focus puller on the premiere season of @mofedamijo Mr X, he was a focus puller on @robertopeters Zero Hour, he was the focus puller on @serahdonald and @chikaike small chops, he was a focus puller on @rogersofime Childe international and today HE IS THE FOCUS PULLER on our french series millions of miles in Kinshasa.
Thank You wealth for showing that determination and focus can get you to the place called THERE
I am so in love with his determination and focus and together, we are planning to strenghten his experience by going to a film school and Yes @rogersofime is going to be responsible.

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