The Star of the Team is THE TEAM
11 years ago, i met @otunbasamuel on the set of Tinsel, i left Tinsel to Executive Produce over 180 Telefilms for African Magic. I needed a good Technical Director i could trust to lead the team of over 40 technical crew- camera, Light, Audio. There was only one person my heart reached out to. I asked him- “will you leave Tinsel for some uncertainty,” he said “Oga i trust you, lets go”. I was touched and challenged because he trusted my uncertainty and his trust doubled my determination to succeed. Last year, i lost the pitch to a major project and i called him and told him to go work with the guys who got the pitch and again he said “Oga, i am not going any where, if you dont have any work, we will suffer together until God opens a door” To be honest i cried because even those who callled themselves my close friends and brother already moved on, Today i want to crlebtate this loyal, faithful and selfless Director of Photography @otunbasamuel. He is very very very good at his job. I know this because local and international crew always commend his work
I will never talk about the progress of @rogersofime and @nativemediatv and not mention @otunbasamuel he showed sincere commitment to every thing that we have done, people take double money from me to buy the things they need for work, he uses his money and heart to make sure projects are successful.
There is a saying that there is a friend that sticks closer than a Brother. @otunbasamuel is a representation of that saying. Thank you for your contribution on The Johnsons, Hotel Majestic, Hush, Zero Hour, Make Room, Oloibiri, Zone 222, Tinsel , over 180 movies of Africa Magic Original Films and our french Series Colore.
Today, i make the vow to double my commitment towards you and every thing that concern you. Thank you so much Brother and God bless your heart of Gold.

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