The Star of the Team is THE TEAM. This week, i will be celebrating the team who make film making easy.
This is @mayowalabiran. She is our able Art Director. We have worked together for 10years. From Tinsel, Oloibiri, Zone Childe International, Makeroom, The Johnsons and Now the french series Colore. Mayowa is a graduate of Theatre and Film and presently working on her Mphil/ Phd. In Theatre and Film.
She does not see impossible, even when i feel like its hard ,she will always come back with positive result. We can never talk about @rogersofime without calling the name of @mayowalabiran a great spirited Art Director whose creative contribution has been instrumental to all the awards and recognition we have received as @nativemediatv Thank you always for your commitment, your “never give up” attitude and most of all your constant prayers.
Like i always say “WE IS BETTER THAN ME”

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