The Star of the Team is THE TEAM
So our journey to success continues. This is @mutairu.j
For every project that comes to my head, @mutairu.j is one of those who i first speak to. And his usual slang is “Baba we will do it, infact we have finished it” He takes me to the finished line even before we start. Those words make me complete the project in my mind and the truth is we have never left any project incomplete. Mutairu like samuel also moved with me from Tinsel to Africa Magic Telefilms then Oloibiri, then makeroom, then Zone 222, then childe International and now our french series. He is the one man who makes me see the power of prayers. He will always tell me “put God first, read the bible, hold fast onto the word of God and see his miracles happen”. I have worked with @mutairu.j as the Audio/ Sound recordist for 11 years, i remember Mike Barnit during Oloibiri saying he would steal Mutairu and take him to America with him. Lol. Whenever i look back, i know those moments that i was hit with serious confusion and @mutairu.jwould always say to me “Baba, go and talk to God, He is the only one who will give you an answer”
How can i sit and say i did it alone. Every man in the team played a major part and for today i want to say THANK YOU to @mutairu.j whose brotherly and fatherly role has been my pillar and spring board to our successes as a TEAM. Thanks for the bible verses and motivational speeches that lifted me up and pushed us to achieve what we have achieved so far.

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