The Executive producer of the film, Rogers Ofime said that the film is targeting the Oscars in three categories – Best Short Film, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Actress in a Leading Role as a result of exceptional role the lead character Asabe Madaki played in the film.

Rogers Ofime who produced blockbuster films like ‘Oloibiri,’ and some Nigerian soap operas, like ‘Tinsel’ and ‘The Johnson’ said ‘Make Room’ was the most difficult film he has ever produced.

He said, “You never know what you are capable of until you are faced with a situation you know you can’t handle. We had high hopes of making a great movie, we had high hopes of good financial support, I even danced the day we sealed the deal but a week to principal filming, our investors pulled out.

“I was really worried and so scared because we had signed contracts with crew from America, South Africa, Nigeria and other countries.”

The producer who won Best Foreign Film Award, 2016 at San Diego Black Film Festival, said, “Do we back out? No way! We won’t let an investor stop our dreams and vision of creating a project that has the potentials of reaching the world. We decided to move on with our five loaves and two fishes- this really is the miracle that saw us through the project.”

The 44-year-old who started filmmaking in 2001 with South Africa-based Film Company, Sky Sweeper Films added that the location of the film made him learn to never let any man stop him from getting to the finished line.

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